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02 February 2017


Here is a preview of a new track I am currently working on. It's a 3 hour meditation/study piece and this is section appears somewhere around middle. This is still in the mix stage with final release due soon(ish). 

20 March 2016


Something I have been messing around with for ages. I liked the chord progression and ended with this paired back version of piano with just a dash of synth.


28 July 2014


It's either really late or really earlier, depending of your perspective. The first light of dawn is starting to appear in the sky and the mood is super chilled and laid back. Please enjoy.


11 July 2014


Something new to enjoy. 


24 December 2013


Just in time for Christmas. Although not really a Christmas piece, I thought it had a sort of festive feel. 

A very Merry Christmas to all and thanks for your support throughout the year. I look forward to posting lots of new music in the coming year. 

All the best,


17 December 2013


"As It Goes" released on Soundcloud. A sort of funky pop, laid back kind of piece.

21 November 2013


"Night Train" released on Soundcloud. A gentle sort of ambient pop piece featuring Hang Drum sounds, Piano and treated Viola.


22 October 2013


Video for "I Walk These Streets" released on You Tube. This track comes from the album "Happenstance".

20 October 2013


A new video for "Watching Rice Grow" added to YouTube.

As a reminder -

A piece inspired by standing out in the rice fields; the sun on your back; a gentle breeze blowing; all is quiet expect the occasional bird, the mechanical rattle and clang of the wind driven bird scarer, and the trickle of water through the subak.

Images taken by me in Bali, Indonesia. Music composed and performed by me.

This piece set to the natural tuning of 432.10 Hz with a base note of 136.10 Hz being the cosmic frequency of the Earth Year. Possibly one of the contributing factors as to why this piece feels so chilled. Thought you might like to know :)

26 August 2013


And now for something completely different.

I started this piece quite a while ago as an exercise in four part harmony and in the tradition of ThomasTallis, Gregorio Allegri, William Byrd, etc. In this version, I have arranged it using synths and samples to create a deep atmospheric feel.

To achieve the desired effect though, it really needs to be performed by human voices and not just samples. If anyone out there has a choir and would like to give it a go, please contact me.

The photo is of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona taken by me earlier this year. It's one of the inspirations behind this piece.

23 August 2013


Been a bit quiet lately as you may have noticed. Too busy traveling and so on. Hopefully back into productive mode now.

This piece was inspired by listening to the dawn chorus combination of birds and surf at Peregian Beach, Queensland in Australia. There was a gentle breeze, windchimes tinkled in the background and the birds made the world come alive. So I just had to record it all and add some music.

14 January 2013


This piece came about after meeting up with Vlad Josephson in Sydney in early December. We agreed to do a collaboration with his bass and my gamelan. The first draft was put together at which point I thought it would a good idea to get Dave McKeown involved.

What we got back from Dave fairly blew both Vlad and I away. He had turned this, till then, fairly straight forward piece into something else again, giving it a character and direction neither of us expected but totally suiting the mood. Truly an inspired approach. A bit of fine tuning and here we have it.

A big thanks to both Vlad and Dave for joining me on this. We hope you enjoy it.

Dave McKeown ( - Vocal, Flute and Pipes
Vlad Josephson ( Bass
Me - ( - Gamelan and Percussion
Final mix and master by Dave Mckeown

"Yew Trees" by William Wordsworth (click on link for full text)

1 December 2012


The album "Happenstance" released today. Now available on Bandcamp, CDBay, iTunes, Amazon and all major online retailers.

18 November 2012


My entry into the TPC Rainbow: Silent Night Challenge.

The challenge is to do a rendition of Silent Night in approximately 30 seconds so this is how I interpreted it :)

I had a spare hour or so today, so it was now or never. Hope you enjoy it.

For more information on the challenge go to:

15 October 2012


A collaboration with the talented and lovely Michelle Eaton. Manic, frantic and maybe just a little crazy, we hope you enjoy this piece.

Thanks to Michelle for inviting me into her world on this musical extravaganza.

And don't forget to visit Michelle's page for more of the wonderful, imaginative creations.

Thank you for listening :)

Michelle Eaton - Orchestration and percussion
Me - Percussion

1 October 2012


With apologies to Mr Rimsky-Korsakov

This piece is based on Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight Of The Bumble Bee" only in this case I have moved the scene underwater.

I hope you enjoy it.

23 September 2012


A collaboration with WOLV3'S. I really liked Ray's vocal stem for this piece and thought I could do something with it.

I hope you like it.

Vocals - WOLV3S
The Band - Me

Based on an original vocal composition by WOLV3S.


16 August 2012


When I first heard this piece by Vlad, I was impressed by both the the drive of the piece and of course Vlad's amazing playing. So I couldn't resist adding a few bits of my own. Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks Vlad for opportunity to play along !!

Vlad Josephson - Bass, Percussion
Me - Electric Pianos, Horns and Percussion

Composed by - Vlad Josephson


9 August 2012


One of my favourite books is Kenneth Grahame's "The Wind In The Willows". It's a very imaginative tale set in a rather surreal world of talking animals in the English countryside. It's prose and themes have fascinated me for years.

So as an ongoing project, I decided to write an orchestral suite using the chapters of the book as the various movements. This is an overture just to set the mood. The rest of the chapters will follow as I get round to them.


2 August 2012


"Falling" released. A jazz/rock/lounge kind of piece, this makes up the final track for my next album. Details to follow soon. In the meantime, please enjoy.

31 May 2012


The recent passing of Donald "Duck" Dunn got me thinking of the music of Booker T. & the MG's. So I came up with a basic progression and theme, and with the assistance of Derek Cornett and Joseph Intrieri, we came up with this.

Many thanks to Derek and Joseph for their contributions without which, it just wouldn't have sounded the same. Both are great musicians, so if you haven't already, check them out !!

Derek - Guitars
Joseph - Organ and Clavinet
Me - Piano, Bass, Percussion and production.
Based on an original idea by Diederik de Jonge


22 May 2012


"Angst In Wonderland" released.

"angst: in existentialist philosophy, a feeling of dread arising from an awareness of free choice."

Our world is full of wondrous things, opportunities and choices. And yet many of us live our lives in fear and uncertainty, some genuine, but much is thrust upon us media, government and societies expectations. It takes courage and determination to sort through the noise and chatter and realise that true happiness is within us if we take the time to look.

This piece attempts to explore some of those inner feelings of turmoil and uncertainty as they gnaw away at our sanity.

17 May 2012


"Kush" released. A jazz/lounge piece with a sort of world/ethnic vibe. Hope you like it.

1 May 2012


Its been a busy few weeks and thought I would take a break with this piece. It started with a basic motif and the idea of working on my orchestration skills. From there, it just sort of grew.

Reminiscent of Ravel's Bolero, the piece develops using a basic theme, repeated a number times until it reaches its crescendo. I hope you enjoy it.

23 March 2012


Today in Bali is Nyepi, the start of the Balinese new year and a day of total silence across the island. From 6:00am this morning for a period of 24 hours, the whole island shuts down. Nobody leaves their houses, all businesses are closed and even the airport is closed to traffic. No work is done, all lights, TV, etc are switched off and, for one day at least, peace and quiet descends on the whole island.

Last night however, was a different story. On the night before Nyepi, local villages parade hugh effigies (Ogoh Ogoh) of demons and other evil characters from Balinese mythology. This is accompanied by a mobile gamelan and much frivolity. At the end of the night, the Ogoh Ogoh are burned and the evil spirits vanquished ready for a new start the next day.

This recording was made last night in our local village of Sayan just outside Ubud in Bali of the Ogoh Ogoh parade put on by the locals. The sounds are from the gamelan that accompanied the parade. Apologies for the recording quality, but the volume was very loud.

The instruments are gongs of various sizes and shapes, a type of small hand cymbals and drums. I hope what really comes across in this recording is the enthusiasm with which it is played.

The last minute of this recording is from 6:00am this morning. The only sounds are the Ayung river in the distance, the occasional bird and some crickets.

Anyway, I thought you might be interested in hearing this. Thank you for listening.

If you want to know more about this event go to :

21 March 2012


A piece inspired by standing out in the rice fields; the sun on your back; a gentle breeze blowing; all is quiet expect the occasional bird, the mechanical rattle and clang of the wind driven bird scarer, and the trickle of water through the subak.

The next piece in the Gamelan experimental series. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

I should add, that this is my first piece set to the natural tuning of 432.10 Hz with a base note of 136.10 Hz being the cosmic frequency of the Earth Year. Possibly one of the contributing factors as to why this piece feels so chilled. Thought you might like to know :)

13 March 2012


"You On My Mind" released. A cool jazz tune with a sort of contemporary lounge vibe.

27 February 2012


"From Raindrop To River" released.

23 February 2012


"New Red Shoes" released.

14 February 2012


"Happenstance" released.

12 February 2012


"Sunlight" released.

6 February 2012


"Chimichanga" released. A bit of Latin Lounge for late night groovin.

2 February 2012


"Rain In The Mountains" released. This is one of a series of Gamelan inspired pieces. More will follow in the series soon. I hope you enjoy listening to this.

14 January 2012


"One Small Step" released. A bit of fun and something to blow the cobwebs out after the holiday season. Whilst not really my usual style, I hope you at least enjoy listening. Any comments are most welcome.

If you would like to do a remix on this, just drop me a line and I can send you the stems or whatever.


8 January 2012


The video for the title track of "Under Bali Skies" uploaded.


7 January 2012


The album "Under Bali Skies" released. Please click on the image below to listen and for more details.


15 December 2011


"Stop" released on Soundcloud. An ambient jazz style piece featuring piano, electric piano, bass and drums. 

6 December 2011


"Life In The Shoal" A piece I started months ago and only just got around to finishing this week. It's meant depict life in a shoal of fish, many individuals working together for the benefit of the group. Quite an amazing sight as the shoal moves as one twisting, turning and occasionally, fleeing from predators.

It is also the companion piece to my previously released track "Ocean Life". Both are set to appear on a future release. In the meantime, please enjoy.


1 December 2011


Well, it's almost Christmas and I couldn't resist doing a Christmas carol in the Balinese vernacular. So here is "Silent Night" gamelan style. This track is a FREE DOWNLOAD, so if you like it, feel free to download it.


19 November 2011


"Mimpi Manis" (Sweet Dreams) released on SoundCloud. This is the final track for the album "Under Bali Skies" due for release on 1 January 2012.

14 November 2011


Bali - exotic and timeless, rich in art and culture - the very spices of life itself. "Island Of Spice released on Soundcloud.


11 November 2011

Wonderful News !!

Soundcloud named me "Soundclouder Of The Day" for 11.11.11. A huge honour. As part of the honour, I was asked to do a reply to share on Soundcloud so here it is. Thank you Soundcloud !!

6 November 2011


Close to Uluwatu is Padang Padang, a beautiful and protected beach. The big waves here lie an easy paddle just outside the offshore reef. It is a great place to just chill out, take a swim and enjoy a local snack. So this piece is about doing just that - laying back and enjoying the beach.

3 November 2011


This is the next track in the new Bali series. The new album is due out late December so stay tuned.

Mt Agung is Bali's highest and holiest site. It is also one of four active volcanoes on Bali. Often shrouded in cloud, it is visible across the island and is used by the Balinese as a direction pointer in the same way we use NSEW. The southern slope is also home to the Mother Temple of Besakih, the most important and holiest temple in Balinese Hinduism. Please enjoy.

23 October 2011


For the Balinese, life is an offering. A regime of time honoured traditions. A pattern repeated a million times over on the island everyday and is an important part of Bali life.

21 October 2011


A piano piece released by Dave Greening to which I have contributed the a Viola part. Please listen and enjoy.

15 October 2011


This is the proposed opening track for the next album. It's a sort of welcome to Bali piece taking you through Asia and ending up in Bali. That's the idea anyway.

6 October 2011


Mapeed is a Balinese ceremonial procession. These are highly co-ordinated events with participants dressed in matching outfits. The procession is single file can can include dozens of participants all carrying dazzling arrays of offerings. One of the many spectacles of Bali. I hope you like my musical interpretation of this event.

1 October 2011

Bebek are ducks - a particularly endearing (and ubiquitous) site when strolling the rice fields of rural Bali. They often waddle in single file from

paddy to paddy chatting away. They are one of my favourites so I thought I would write them something in the traditional Balinese vernacular (or my version of it anyway).

27 September 2011


"The Spring At Tampaksiring" released on Soundcloud. This is the next finished track in my forthcoming follow up album to "Postcard From Bali".

For those interested, Tampaksiring is village in central Bali with a holy water spring and the ancient Hindu Temple of Tirta Empul built on the site. The area is very beautiful, green and lush and always busy. It is also only about 20 minutes drive from where we live.


21 September 2011


"Air (for Oboe, Clarinet and Strings)" released. A baroque style "Air" for Oboe, Clarinet and Strings. Something a little different for your listening pleasure.

12 September 2011


"Far From Here" released. A rock ballad inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin and other rock bands of the era.

  Far From Here (reloaded 14/09/11 - see comments) by Diederik de Jonge

31 August 2011


 "That Summer Feeling" released on the last day of the northern hemisphere summer. Another summer piece with a rock ballad feel.

That Summer Feeling by Diederik de Jonge 

25 August 2011


"Dragons In The Mist" re-released. This is a piece I did a few months ago, but it has now had a major reworking and I think is a lot better. Please enjoy.

  Dragons In The Mist - Extended Version by Diederik de Jonge

20 August 2011


"Bombora Banshee" released. This is a bit of summer fun with a retro style surf track. Something to remind us all of summer, surf and good times. This track is also available for FREE DOWNLOAD if you are interested. Just click on the player below. Thank you for listening.

  Bombora Banshee by Diederik de Jonge


13 August 2011


"New Day" by Cyra Morgan released on Soundcloud. This track is my arrangement of a vocal piece released by Cyra and features Viola, Cello, Organ and of course, the beautiful voice of Cyra Morgan. This track is available for

FREE DOWNLOAD if you are interested. Just click on the player below. Thank you for listening.

  New Day by Cyra Morgan (arr. Diederik de Jonge) by Diederik de Jonge

2 August 2011


"Expectations" released. A simple piano and strings piece for that "I need a cup of tea" moment.

  Expectations by Diederik de Jonge

1 August 2011


My latest album "The Journey" released. A symphonic poem (or movie soundtrack) fusing world, electronic and orchestra. Click on the album cover for more details.


18 July 2011


Ambient with a bit of a beat ?? Well a bit of fun anyway. Please enjoy.


With The Wind In My Hair And Gnats In My Teeth by Diederik de Jonge

13 July 2011


Don't forget to Breathe. A piece to help you do just that. So take a deep breath, relax and enjoy :)

  Breathe by Diederik de Jonge

6 July 2011


A frozen lake in winter. All seems still but life persists. Another track in the "landscapes" series.

  Winter Lake by Diederik de Jonge

30 June 2011


The new album "No Strings Attached" is now available through CD Baby. Other online retailers will follow soon as distribution is rolled out. For more details about this album just click on the album cover below. 



26 June 2011


"It Rained All Day Today" released. An ode to the wet weather we have been experiencing lately.

  It Rained All Day Today by Diederik de Jonge

18 June 2011


"Ocean Life" released. Lots of synths and big chords. Inspired by wonderful images I saw of life on the reefs off western Indonesia. Brings out the Jacques Cousteau in all of us.

  Ocean Life by Diederik de Jonge

10 June 2011


"Ayu" released. Ayu is Indonesian for beautiful. It is a common name for girls and here in Bali, that is a common site. What better to write about. This track is also the first release for my next "Bali" album which hopefully will be out before the year end. Thanks for listening.

  Ayu (Beautiful) by Diederik de Jonge

6 June 2011


The next album "No Strings Attached" is now being finalised. The tracks have been completed and mastered (thanks to Jürgen Eppinger for the help with the mastering). Now all that is needed is finished artwork and a bit of a blurb and it should be ready to go by late June.

If you would like to listen, I have uploaded the tracks on the site. Just clickhere!!

Stay tuned for more news later this month with another album "The Journey" also reaching final production. It has been a busy year !!

24 April 2011

"Into The Wild" released. Keeping with the acoustic theme, this track was inspired in a roundabout kind of way by the movie of the same name. Has a sort of country/folk feel. Please enjoy.


  Into The Wild by Diederik de Jonge

11 April 2011


"Affogato" released. A bit of acoustic bossa nova to enjoy whilst enjoying your favourite coffee.

  Affogato by Diederik de Jonge


8 April 2011


"Santiago" released. A foot tapping Latin style track using a lot of rhythm guitar sounds. Comments welcome!

  Santiago by Diederik de Jonge


2 April 2011


"A stroll In The Country" released. It's a little hard to describe in terms of genre. Let's just say a jaunty country/folk like track. A bit like a scene from "Wind In The Willows". Please enjoy.

  A Stroll In The Country by Diederik de Jonge

25 March 2011


"The Postman's Waltz" released. Whilst not really intended that way, this track ended up with a distinctly folk country feel. The genre lent itself better to the melody and it just developed from there. Nashville here I come :)

  The Postman's Waltz by Diederik de Jonge

23 March 2011


"Dragons in the Mist" released. This is an electronic orchestra piece that builds in intensity. Quite dramatic.

  Dragons In The Mist by Diederik de Jonge

22 March 2011


Great news !! The album "Simple Pleasures" gets a highly favorable review from RadioIndy. Click here to read.


12 March 2011


Continuing the floral theme. "Cempaka" released. This is also an acoustic guitar track. I hope you like it.

  Cempaka by Diederik de Jonge

27 February 2011


"Magnolia" released. A basic guitar and string track using all acoustic instruments sounds. Please enjoy !!

  Magnolia by Diederik de Jonge

14 February 2011


Finally!! The new album "Simple Pleasures" is out. Click on the link to find out more.


12 December 2010


"Sweet Things" released on SoundCloud. A smooth Jazz/Lounge track, this makes up the last track for the forthcoming album "Simple Pleasures" to be release soon.

  Sweet Things by Diederik de Jonge

4 December 2010


"I Recall" released. This is actually a remix of a track I did awhile ago. Now has a more funky beat and a tighter sound.

  I Recall (Remix) by Diederik de Jonge

30 November 2010

"Breezin" released. Inspired by sitting on the balcony looking out at the endless view of swaying coconut palms. Please enjoy.


  Breezin by Diederik de Jonge


21 November 2010


"Also Snuck Zarathustra" released. A light-hearted piece inspired by all those "sneak" scenes you see in comedy movies.



10 October 2010


"Stolen Moments" released. A melodic Pop style track with Jazz overtones. Click below to listen.


  Stolen Moments by Diederik de Jonge

19 September 2010


"After The Rains" released. Another Jazz track with a relaxed chill mood. Click below to listen.


  After The Rains by Diederik de Jonge

8 September 2010


"Simple Pleasures" released. Click below to listen or go to the Music page for all my current releases.


  Simple Pleasures by Diederik de Jonge

27 August 2010


"Sayan" released on Soundcloud and YouLicence. This is another Jazz piece with a nostalgic 80's feel. I hope you enjoy it.


  Sayan by Diederik de Jonge 

12 August 2010

New track released on Soundcloud and YouLicence. Click below to listen. To listen to all previously released tracks click here.

Errol's Shuffle by Diederik de Jonge


29 May 2010

Selected tracks are now available for instant license through To check out what is currently available go to my Music for License page here.



March 2010



Please check my latest album release.







For more details and to listen to the album, just click on


the link below.
















"Postcard From Bali"






This album is now available for digital download on CDBaby and many other online music retailers such as iTunes and Amazon so please check it out.

The next release will be out soon and I will post details on the site as soon as it is available.




If you would like to make any comments or contact me please do so at: