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Postcard From Bali




Come with me on a musical journey across the island of Bali; feel your spirits soar at sunrise, relax to the exotic sounds of a balmy Bali night or just chill out on a lazy tropical afternoon on this, the island of the Gods.


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Postcard From Bali - CD Sampler by Diederik de Jonge

Full Album:


1. Sanur Sunrise  10:38

2. Surfing Uluwatu  8:00

3. The Sawah  7:48

4. Laid Back in Lovina  8:35

5. Tanah Lot Sunset  7:06

6. Ubud Nocturne  9:44

7. Gamelan Lullaby  2:07






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Diederik de Jonge: Postcard From Bali




Album Notes:

Journey from sunrise to sunset across this paradise island in a series of musical postcards, personal impressions using both traditional and not-so traditional instruments.

1. Sanur Sunrise

We begin our journey on Bali's south east coast at Sanur. The low sun shimmers on gentle lapping waves brushing against golden sands. Colourful traditional fishing boats sit drawn up on the beach waiting for the tide to launch. The village wakes, offerings are made at the temples and slowly the day begins.

2. Surfing Uluwatu

Uluwatu offers spectacular surfing at the tip of the peninsula on Bali's south coast. The water is a clear, bottle green and the large waves roll evenly to the shore providing the perfect break. It's a bright sunny morning and the surf is up.

3. The Sawah

One of the most enduring images of Bali is the verdant, graceful rice terraces or Sawah. The endless green fields, with their intricate water channelling system, landscape most of rural Bali and despite the apparent stillness, teem with life; birds of all types, snakes, frogs, lizards and insects, particularly beautiful red dragonflies. The heavy, grain-laden heads of rice sway gently in the breeze. The birds raid the ripening grain as the farmers do their best to scare them off. It is a game played by countless previous generations. This is the heart of Bali.

4. Laid Back in Lovina

Situated far away on Bali's northern shore is the sleepy town of Lovina. The distant reef protects the black lava-sand beach creating soft, lapping waves. There is a constant gentle breeze causing the coconut palms that fringe the shoreline to sway rhythmically. Sit back, relax and enjoy a quiet afternoon in the tropics.

5. Tanah Lot Sunset

The ancient temple at Tanah Lot rises majestically from its rocky outcrop in the sea on Bali's western shore. Here, traditional offerings are made to the sound of the local gamelan orchestra as we witness one of the most famous sunsets in the world.

6. Ubud Nocturne

Night has fallen in this quiet, spiritual village in the heart of Bali. All is still as a distant thunderstorm approaches over the mountains, lighting up the sky. The rain but passes quickly. The frogs and crickets fill the air with their nightly cacophony and stillness resumes in Ubud.

7. Gamelan Lullaby

Across the village the sound of a distant Gamelan carries, taking us off to into our dreams and the prospect of another magical day on the Island of the Gods.



All tracks written, performed and created in Bali by Diederik de Jonge.

© 2009 Diederik de Jonge