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My new album "Simple Pleasures". A collection of original smooth jazz tracks laced with hints of blues, latin and off-beat rhythms. 

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This album is now available on at your favorite online music store such as iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, Napster as well as a number of internet radion stations. Go to the links page for more links or click the CDBaby icon below.


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Album - Simple Pleasures by Diederik de Jonge


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Album Notes:

"Clean, modern, smooth jazz features in this, the second album from Diederik de Jonge.

The album opens with the ultra smooth "Sweet Things". Built on the base of a soft Latin rhythm, the alternating acoustic and electric piano motifs and melodies create an almost dreamy atmosphere.

The title track "Simple Pleasures" continues the smooth tone but with a more defined beat. The grittier electric piano and organ solos push this track more in the blues direction.

"Also Snuck Zarathustra" is a more playful piece. Like the sneak scene in a movie, the mood is created by the interplay of the bass lines and the running electric piano melodies.

"Stolen Moments" blends melody and unusual chord progressions to create an almost pop style ballad. The acoustic guitar softens the mood while the interplay between the bass and piano lines gives it an unusual melodic twist.

Another quirky number, "Errol's Shuffle", set in shifting time signatures, bops along to its own beat. The melody lines are taken up by the unusual combination of vibraphone and blues harp creating an interesting lounge style track.

Inspired by the swaying coconut palms overlooked from the balcony outside the artist's home, "Breezin" brings together a laid-back beat with some strong guitar work reminiscent of early Santana.

Mozart meets Brubeck and Garson in the track "Seven". Set against a 7/8 bebop beat and bass line, the overlapping Oboe and Clarinet melodies contrast against a wonderfully wild Piano solo making this a track to remember.

The underlying trip-hop beat in "I Recall" contrasts with the atmospheric guitar and piano motifs giving this track a hip melancholy feel.

Like the world the title describes, "After The Rains" opens gradually into a melodic laid-back style composition reminiscent of the reawakening after a storm.

With "Sayan" the album finishes off with a slightly retro feel; a bouncy clavichord motive, smooth electric piano and strong underlying beat topped off with a Chuck Mangione like flugelhorn melody.

The combination of strong bass lines and a subtle use of rhythm tie the whole album together creating a cool, sophisticated listening experience.  Whether enjoyed in the passive luxury of your favourite armchair or as background music to a cocktail party, this album sits comfortably either way."



Fabulous Instrumental Jazz Music




Author: Diane and the Reviewer Team


Talented artist, Diederik de Jonge, and his latest CD, "Simple Pleasures," will satisfy your thirst for some fabulous instrumental Jazz music. This album also presents colorful elements of Blues and Latin rhythms which graciously flavor the musical tonality of each track. Opening up the CD, "Sweet Things," has an elegant Latin flair as the acoustic and electric piano plays an irresistible melody. The title track, "Simple Pleasures," is a little more Bluesy with a free flowing rhythm that imparts a delicate and serene ambiance. Taking a mysterious quality, the song, "I Recall," has a deep melodic tonality that flows with passion and soul. You will like how de Jonge incorporates different time signatures and the use of instruments such as the clarinet and oboe into his songs making for some pleasurable sounding melodies. Fans of Jazz will truly appreciate the impressive songs on the wonderful album, "Simple Pleasures."



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